Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (EJATC) of Watertown is a five year electrical apprenticeship program.

We are co-sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 910 (IBEW 910) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Northern New York Chapter (NNY NECA). The apprentice combines on-the-job work experience with classroom training. The classroom training takes place 2 nights a week. Apprentices in both our Plattsburgh and Watertown programs would be assigned to one of our local electrical contractors (click here to see who LU 910 contractors are). As you learn by doing, you are also paid directly by the contractor with whom you are employed. In this process, you receive guaranteed promotions and pay raises, in addition to learning a new trade. As you develop more complex job skills and improve your knowledge, you are rewarded for your hard work.

The best part of all...there's no cost for the training!!! Apprentices completing this program have no loans to repay.   You are simply responsible to pay for the books required to complete the program.

EJATC of Watertown
EJATC of Watertown

Tuition-Free Classroom Training

 As your skills improve, and you complete - and pass - the class work, you will also receive pay increases.

The pay structure for our apprentices is based on a six (6) period system.  Our first year students start out as first period apprentices. After 1000 hours of on-the-job (OJT) training, and satisfactory progress in the classroom, you would then move up to the second period (or second year). After the successful completion of your first year classroom training and 2000 OJT hours, you would move up again to third period

A Partnership

The electrical training ALLIANCE developed uniform standards that are adopted and used nationwide to select and train thousands of qualified men and women each year. Through the electrical training ALLIANCE, the IBEW and NECA have hundreds of local programs offering apprenticeship and training in the following areas:

Residential Wireman
Journey- Level Worker Lineman
Journey-Level Worker Tree Trimmer
Journey-Level Worker Inside Wireman
Telecommunication VDV Installer-Technician


Work Completed On Time, On Budget

You can expect professional, quality workmanship from start to finish
on every project completed by our Electricians.


We feel that nothing is more important than safety in all of our workplaces, at each job location, and among our employees - we relish a safe environment for all!

Ongoing Training

The nature of the electrical industry is forever changing. It is important our Electricians continue their education in order to do  their work with the most knowledge and efficiency possible.

Quality Workmanship

We believe in doing it right the first time, standing behind our professional installations to meet the needs of our customers, providing the highest quality work possible - on time, on budget!


Each apprenticeship requires on the job training as well as related (classroom) instruction. During the minimum of 190 hours of related Instruction each year, Electricians will learn the theory of the trade, and work to combine on-the-job training as they ultimately become professional craftsman.


IBEW’s Code of Excellence program delivers value like none other, guaranteeing our professional electricians will perform to their absolute highest level on every job, ensuring your projects are completed on Time, on Budget with Quality and Safety foremost in mind.  IBEW electricians are the most productive construction professionals the world has ever known.


Electricians receive the latest training in industry standards, technology, solar advances and green energies, as well as ongoing continuing education throughout his/her career. Our apprenticeship program is recognized by every IBEW local in the U.S. and Canada, as well as the American Council on Education (ACE). 


Our Electricians combine "state of the art" training facilities, highly trained instructional staff and meaningful continuing education in order to provide the highest quality, professional installations by the very best trained workforce. That means every project is completed by a professionally-trained workman using his/her advanced skills and only the highest quality product.